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How to Add Users to Your Family Account

When a new family account is created, the initial user is presented with a quick startup guide which encourages them to create their family and then to invite family members to create their own user profiles as needed. When the startup guide is complete, users with permission can add new users in Settings.

To add a new user to your family account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings, then the Family tab
  2. Select Family Members
  3. Select the circle with a plus symbol
  4. Type in the new member’s name
  5. Select Add

This creates a Linked user, which can then be upgraded into a Standard or Parent user. For details on the differences, see User Types on Family Tools. For instructions on how to upgrade, see How to Make a Linked User into a Standard User.

See also: Linked User Access

Updated for 3.0

Updated on January 2, 2024

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