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Setup Troubleshooting

When signing up to join a family, it says my email is already associated with a user and won’t let me sign up.

You may have created a profile without realizing it, which could happen if the internet connection was poor when you signed up. At this point, you can try logging into the profile and reset the password if necessary. If you log in and the screen shows that you are part of a family, then you have successfully signed up and logged in.

I accidentally created a family account instead of joining my family account. How do I get to the right family account?

You’ll need to delete the family you accidentally created. See How to Delete a Family Account. After you’ve done that, then use the link that a family member sent you to sign in and join their family account.

Why can’t my spouse access the same things as me? (i.e. create chores, add family members, etc)

Your spouse hasn’t been given parent-level permissions. To change this, go to Settings, then Family. Go to Permissions, change the icon to the one matching your spouse’s account, and select the drop-down at the far right. Select Parent to give them default parent-level permissions. You can also change each individual permission for their profile and give them what they need.

When one of my family members signs up, it gets stuck on a screen that says, “We are verifying things, Please wait a moment.”

This can happen when you are using an older device or experiencing a poor internet connection, so try resolving it by using a different device or checking your connection. If you still encounter problems, please contact us and include the name of the account you are trying to connect and the email address you are trying to connect with, and we can assist you.

Updated for 3.0

Updated on July 25, 2023

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