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Linked User FAQs

What is a Linked user?

A Linked user is a user that does not have their own username and password. Linked profiles, by default, are directly connected to a Parent profile, and can only be accessed through a profile with the proper permission. A Linked profile is best for small children who don’t have an email address or who are too young to keep track of their own username and password.

How do I access a Linked profile?

First, make sure you have permission to access a Linked profile, Parent profiles have this permission by default (see Permissions for more details). On your Dashboard, tap on the icon that represents the user profile you want to access. You can also go to Settings, then the Family tab, and select Family Members. Then select the icon of the desired user’s profile.

How do I return to my profile?

At the top of the user dashboard, select “Return to Parent Account.” The navigation menu also has a “Back to Parent” option where you would typically find “Log Out”. (It says “parent” because users with parent permissions are typically the only ones that can access Linked profiles.)

If I’m letting my child borrow my device to access their profile, how do I keep them out of my profile?

See our page on setting pins.

Updated for 3.0

Updated on July 25, 2023

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