Calendar Integrations

What calendar integrations are available?

Family Tools can export its calendar as a URL. These files can be imported anywhere that supports “subscribing” to a calendar via URL. However, this feature requires cooperation with other software, so we can’t guarantee that it will work everywhere. The external calendars listed in this section are the ones that work so far. (Note: These calendar files are read-only, meaning you can’t edit Family Tools events from your external calendar.)

Why can’t I import my calendar to Family Tools?

The Family Tools calendar is designed to be a simple and easy-to-use way to see what is going on with everyone in your family. It is not intended to be the ultimate calendar for all aspects of your life. In order to maintain that simplicity, especially for children, we do not support importing other calendars.

Where can I get my family’s calendar URL?

Users with permission to change the family’s information can access it. Go to Settings, then the Family tab, scroll to the bottom, and select “Get Calendar URL.” This will automatically copy the calendar file’s URL to your device’s clipboard.

How do I integrate Family Tools with Google Calendar?

You will need to do this on a computer. Go to and sign into your Google account. In the menu on the left, find “Other Calendars” and click the plus button, then click “From URL”. On the page that opens, paste your Family Tools calendar URL into the text field and select “Add Calendar.” (See “Where can I get my family’s calendar URL?” above.)

How do I integrate Family Tools with Apple Calendar (via Mac)?

On your Mac, open Calendar. At the top, click “File,” then “New Calendar Subscription…”. Paste your Family Tools calendar URL into the URL field and click “Subscribe.” (See “Where can I get my family’s calendar URL?” above.) The next window will have options for how you want the calendar integrated. If you want the Family Tools calendar on other iOS devices, then set the “Location” to iCloud. We also recommend that you set “Auto-refresh” to “Every hour.” When you finish selecting options, click “OK”.

How do I Integrate Family Tools with Apple Calendar (via iOS or iPadOS)?

You will have to do this on each iOS or iPadOS device. Go to the Settings app, go to Calendar, and select “Accounts.” Select “Add Account,” then “Other” (at the bottom of the list). Then select “Add Subscribed Calendar” (also at the bottom) and paste your Family Tools calendar URL in the field. (See “Where can I get my family’s calendar URL?” above.) On the next screen, the only thing you may want to change is the Description, which is what your Family Tools calendar will be called on Apple Calendar.

I changed something on my Family Tools Calendar. Why don’t I see the changes immediately on my integrated external calendar?

When you make a change to the Family Tools calendar, we update the file containing your data every hour. (This prevents sending large amounts of data to the server over and over for minor changes.) Then it is up to your integrated calendar to sync its copy of the file with the updated one. Most calendar services usually sync within 24 hours. If you are still having syncing issues, please contact us here.

Updated for 3.0

Updated on July 25, 2023

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