Notifications FAQs

How do I enable push notifications or change which ones are enabled?

Go to Settings, go to Notifications, and use the toggles to enable the ones you want. (Note: You can only enable them on iOS and Android devices.)

When I try to enable push notifications, a message says it is “blocked”. How do I fix that?

Go to the device’s settings, go to Family Tools, and go to Notifications. Enable them with the toggle switch like you would for any app. You may need to close the app and reopen it after enabling them with the device.

Why are my notifications coming in late?

There are many possible reasons. We send notifications as soon as a user does something that activates one, or at the scheduled time for calendar events. Delays could be caused by high amounts of traffic on the server, a specific device tendency (such as not showing notifications until you check the device’s notification center), or by an incorrectly set time on a calendar event. We continually strive to make sure notifications are sent as soon as possible. If you are still having problems, please contact us here and we will be happy to help.

Why is there a pop-up asking me to change my time zone to fix notifications?

Most of Family Tools (including Tasks and Calendar) runs off Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), but adapts to where you are in the world. This allows you to go to different parts of the world without events changing to drastically different times. Notifications, on the other hand, depend on your current time zone to come in at the right time. If you change time zones, the app will prompt you to update your notifications to the current time zone. (Note: This will change your whole family’s notifications to the new time zone.)

Can I change time zones without the pop-up?

If there has been a time zone change, then yes. Go to Settings, go to Notifications, and select “Change notification time zone to current time zone.”

Why are notifications run by a server instead of by my device?

Because Family Tools involves multiple users with multiple devices, there needs to be a mediator to send all requested notifications. If User A creates a calendar event with a notification for User B, the server can send the notification to User B without User B needing to check the calendar event on their own device.

Why can’t I enable notifications on a Linked profile?

By nature of Linked profiles, there is always at least one other profile on the same device, which may already have notifications set up for it. To maintain clarity, only Parent and Standard users can set up and receive notifications. If needed, Linked profiles can be made into Standard or Parent profiles.

See: How to Make a Linked User into a Standard or Parent User

I just got a new device, but my notifications aren’t coming in. How do I fix this?

On your new device, open Family Tools and go to Settings, then Notifications. Turn off all notifications, then close the app. Now reopen the app and return to Settings, then Notifications, and switch on the notifications you would like to receive,. This should reset notifications for your account on your new phone.  If you are still having problems, please check our troubleshooting section here for more help.

Updated for 3.0

Updated on July 25, 2023

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